3 Reasons Why Teaser Videos Are Leading the Way in Modern Music.

3 Reasons Why Teaser Videos Are Leading the Way in Modern Music.

Artists have been releasing teaser videos since the rise of social media platforms such as 'Instagram' and 'The Vine', but how effective are they? And why are more and more artists choosing to use teaser videos as a pivotal marketing method in the release of new music. We're going to break down 3 main reasons why teaser videos should be used for an artist in modern music and just how effective it can be in their marketing campaigns.

1) It allows rising artists to flood the market with new content whilst also preparing for a song to take off before it's released. Giving a teaser allows an artist to test the market as they prepare to release a full mixtape or album. For example, back in July 2020 SZA played a few seconds of 'Good Days' on her Instagram stories with fans urging her to release the full song. Based on the popularity of the teaser, SZA later released the song in December. The song was SZA first top 10 HOT 100 hit as a solo artist.

2) In order to differentiate a new song from the endless streams of music being released each week, artists can use teasers as a personalized way to activate a fan base. Giving an early taster often on artists Tik-Tok or Instagram pages, before their song is consumed by the popular Friday releases.

3) Feedback, feedback and more feedback. It's easier than ever for artists to play a snippet of an unreleased song on a social media platform and personally monitor fan feedback. Whether the teaser was leaked or planned it would not concern a dedicated fan. Getting a feel of how fans feel about a new track before it's been officially released can help build the relationship between artists and their fans whilst also directing the release of their next song.

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